Best Gluten-Free Dog Treats

Happy DogPets are part of the family. The most loving owners treat their dogs as if they are among the children. Hence, canine companions get the same level of attention and care that a person would. When people started questioning the role of gluten and grains in their diet, it was only natural that the same level of scrutiny reached the pet food industry.

Proponents of the gluten-free diet point out that dogs are not natural grain consumers. They only started eating these after they were domesticated. Their bodies are not efficient in processing this type of food. Switching to gluten-free options can provide the following benefits:

Fewer Allergies

Some dogs are allergic to grains. Corn, wheat, and soy are the usual suspects. This rare condition makes life difficult for those afflicted. Signs include skin irritations, excessive gas, loose stools, vomiting, and frequent infections. Talk to your vet to discuss your observations and check whether eliminating grains is the right move.

Shinier Coat

A shiny coat is among the most visible signs of health. Pets with a rough and dull coat might be dealing with a lack of healthy fats in their diet. Grain-free dog food tends to have more omega-3 fatty acids to bring back the shine. These come from high-quality sources like salmon, flaxseed, and duck fat.

Better Pregnancy

Pregnant dogs need excellent nutrition to meet their own needs, as well as those of their puppies. Regular dog food won’t cut it. With gluten-free alternatives, they get access to quality ingredients for a healthier pregnancy. They will also recover faster with continued consumption.

Stable Energy

Traditional dog food has cheap processed grains with low fiber. You may observe brief periods of hyperactivity and sudden crashes that follow blood sugar levels. Eliminate grains so pets can enjoy a more stable level of energy throughout the day.

5 Options for Gluten-free Dog Treats

Your dogs deserve the best treats to ensure they stay health & happy. As a long-term dog owner myself, I have tried a variety of treats. Some dog treats are great. Some not so much. Below are my suggestions for the best on the market today:

Find a brand that takes your dog’s nutrition seriously. For example, Jack’s Premium Organic Biscuits are good enough for pets and owners to share. There are no corn, wheat, gluten, and artificial preservatives. Instead, they use rolled oats, whole oat flour, eggs, and flaxseed oil. These are available in different flavors such as pumpkin, blueberry, and mint.

The company’s US manufacturing plant uses local ingredients for guaranteed quality. The biscuits are suitable for dogs of all sizes. You can always break these into smaller pieces for pups. Use them for training or occasional treats. The resealable jar keeps everything fresh for longer.


Dogs chew to relieve anxiety. It calms them down and strengthens their jaws. However, they sometimes target furniture and other household items. Owners need to provide them with better alternatives to prevent the destruction of property. Consider JAGS Dental Dog Chews as special treats.

These dental dog chews are great for keeping pet teeth healthy and their breath fresh. JAGS uses 100% natural ingredients with no gluten or artificial flavors. Their design allows them to get to hard-to-reach areas, especially the distant pockets at the rear. You can find these in 3 sizes: mini, medium, and large chips.


Whimzees is another trusted brand when it comes to natural dog treats. They offer dental chews in the form of sticks with deep grooves that work into the spaces between teeth. Surfaces will get polished for a winning smile. Unlike other chews, this one is vegetarian with natural ingredients and natural colors.

The primary ingredients are potato starch, glycerin, powdered cellulose, malt extract, lecithin, and yeast. The chews come in various sizes to fit different breeds. Make it a habit to give your pets high-quality dental treats to fight plaque and tartar. Find products that have no GMO, gluten, and corn such as Whimzees Dental Dog Treats.


EcoKind, a specialist in pet treats, produces Himalayan dog chews. Pets love their crunchy texture and delicious taste. Unlike rawhide bones, these treats are easy to digest. There are no worries about stomach upset.

Ingredients include yak milk, lime juice, cow milk, and Himalayan salt. The company makes sure that there are no GMOs, additives, and gluten. These have been pre-microwaved for convenience. They are ready to chew out of the bag. EcoKind is so confident about their chews that they offer a full refund if your dogs don’t like them.


The popularity of Himalayan chews has pushed manufacturers to make different versions. This gourmet chew is natural, organic, and easily digestible. Buyers don’t have to worry about gluten, wheat, and preservatives. The milk is from free-range cows and yaks.

The chews are made right in Nepal using traditional blending processes. These sticks are rich in protein – great for growing dogs. Note that these require heating for 30 seconds in a microwave before serving.


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Gluten-free dog treats are excellent prizes during pet training. Dogs can enjoy chewing the tasty treats for long periods while consuming healthy ingredients. Over time, they will have reduced allergies, shinier coats, stable energy, and better overall health. Try various products to see how well your dogs respond to each.