Office Snacks for the Health Conscious

Healthy Office SnacksOffice snacks are some of the best things that you can bring to work, even if you work in a relatively small office. However, bringing healthy snacks is even better. Sure, sometimes a bit of sugar and stuff can be nice, but if you’re needing energy at work that will last, and not make you and your office people groggy, healthy snacks are the way to go. We asked the staff at Snacks With Bite to nominate a range of healthy office snacks:


One of the simplest things that a person can ever bring to an office is fruit and veggies. Why is this important? For starters, fruits and vegetables are loaded with healthy vitamins and are also better for people to eat when compared to sugary snacks, things full of saturated fats, or carb-loading with bread. This does not mean you shouldn’t bring these things, but you should try for healthy snacks when you can.

A platter consisting of things like apple and orange slices, raspberries, blueberries, and even strawberries are great. These will promote a healthier lifestyle, but also relatively easy to obtain. No need to go out of your way to find these great snacks when you can simply pick them up from the store.

You might want to also consider including things like carrots, celery (and peanut butter!), miniature bell peppers or even exotic fruits and vegetables such as dragonfruit or pomegranate seeds. These are all great choices for light snacking.


While carbs can be an issue, you might consider things like small crackers instead of bread. This is because you can easily make a platter of sliced cheeses, meats, and crackers, which are easy to put together a snack that most people will enjoy.

You can also go one step further to ensure everybody is included by adding tofu slices and gluten-free crackers and snacks. This ensures that most people will be able to enjoy what you bring, and that way nobody is left out.


Popcorn is also an excellent snack that is both healthy and easy to prepare. While you might be tempted to put butter and or salt on the popcorn, this is a quick way to ensure it won’t be healthy anymore, unless you get low-calorie butter, and use only a small amount of salt. If the office does not have a microwave, this is extremely easy to prepare at home and costs very little.


What could be easier than stocking up on a healthy variety of protein bars and granola bars? Not only do these contain many types of grains, but they also usually have fruit and small bits of chocolate in them. This is good for a quick energy boost but also gives you long-lasting energy in the form of grains. Be sure to consider gluten-free, sugar-free, and even foods for vegan or keto diets. The options are almost limitless! They are also easy to eat and won’t make a huge mess.


Another great item that is easy to eat, but can be rather fun at the same time, is string cheese! There are many varieties of string cheese, and some of them can be easily peeled apart. This makes it easy for those who don’t want to eat all at once and would rather just nibble on the snacks as the day progresses. Make sure to leave them in the wrappers until they are eaten though as to keep any contamination from happening.


Last but not least, yogurt and nuts are two simple things that you can bring in for everybody to enjoy. A person who might be allergies to these items will have to be careful (which means perhaps not bringing specific kinds of nuts in), but many people enjoy yogurt, and it comes in many flavours!

While there are definitely other great healthy snacks for an office, these should be great for the next gathering, and unopened items can be brought home or saved for later.

Happy snacking!